Yeah, Well, My Next Husband is Going to Be an Asshole…

Red Dog Nose, originally uploaded by JudithShakespeare.

Look, I totally get that "sensitive" guys are all the rage.

I also get that there are probably a million women out there who would cheerfully slit my throat with their favorite muffin pan in order to snatch-up a man who randomly brings home cute little puppies just because he knows that you love the smell of puppy breath.

But this is insane.

Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to present Gatsby #24.

She is but the most recent in a long line of Gatsbys that have come through my front door snuggled up in my husband’s jacket… And, like  all of the great Gatsbys before her, it is now my job to find her a good home (or at least convince her previous owners to take her back).

Because as much as I love the smell of puppy breath, I want another dog about as much as I want another toddler. (Have I mentioned that we had Mr. Shakespeare "fixed" three entire weeks before I even gave birth to that last one?)

And while I can appreciate the fact that what tail he is chasing comes attached to a cute little nose like that, I can’t help but think that at least the other  kind comes house-trained.

January 22, 2008
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