You Could Learn A Lot by Paying Attention Here
(100 Word Challenge)

“One mustn’t do that, love. It isn’t nice,” she says a tad
absent-mindedly as she searches the shelves for the peanut butter. “Yes, yes,
that’s good, dear,” she nods her encouragement at the chattering child.  He goes on and on without really saying much
at all. But it’s sweet and familiar, and she smiles. “Of course, mommy is
listening,” she assures the Peter Pan and then the Nutella. “Uh huh,” she mumbles
to the Skippy. Finally giving up on the idea of Jiff, she turns her attention
to the little boy… and the finger that found what she could not.

The theme for this week’s 100 Word Challenge was "The Point". Having just discovered this little delight via SAM, I’m posting this mere minutes before the day comes to its end. Here’s to hoping that the "powers that be" won’t mind. :)

March 27, 2008
Categories: Daily

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