I am an All-Powerful Amazon Warrior…

And I’m pretty crafty too.

No, that’s not right. Let me try again:

And I have the potential to be pretty crafty. I just haven’t quite gotten around to actually doing anything about it.

Honestly, there are millions of nifty little ideas floating around in my head, and somewhere in this often overburdened subconscious (to whom I like to refer to as Molly) is a plan to put them all to good use. Unfortunately, as Molly and I are currently not on speaking terms since she refuses to share with me the undoubtedly profound reasons why she’s been forcing me to hoard beer bottle caps and glue sticks for the last twenty years; I don’t see myself fulfilling said potential any time soon.

But one day, one day, I will create something like this fabulously frightening chandelier, sell it on eBay for a handsome virtual dollar or two, and then move on to something much more commercially appealing like scrapbooking or bounty hunting or something.

June 23, 2007
Categories: Eat Me, Martha Stewart!

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