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Guard ye uteri well, fair damsels…(Weekly Winners)

They stuck me with all of the kids again, so mine’s pretty much closed for business (permanently)…

But since I can’t speak for the rest of you breeders, I thought it best to warn you ahead of time. For more Weekly Winners, be sure to pay a friendly little visit …

Mad Hatters Unite! (A Wordless Wednesday) (Sorta)

2009-04-25 PANOPLY 045

Huntsville has a really great arts festival every year called “Panoply”, and this year’s was held the last week of April. Since the weather turned out nice and hot, we got a chance to attend. There were loads of free activities for the kids as well as the $7 ice

I’ll have a Lady Bic with a moisturizing strip and a side of clergy, please.

Hey there! Long time, no blog, eh?

Things have been unbelievably insane around these here parts as of late, and I’ve barely had time to brush my hair,  much less figure out something clever about which to blog.

Unless one counts that draft about ingrown hairs in the most uncomfortable …

When Captions Go Horribly Wrong… (A Wordless Wednesday)

When Bloggers Go AWOL… (Weekly Winners)

Things that I’ve been up to this past week…

Since, you know, I forgot to blog and all.

For pics that are undoubtedly more awesome and interesting than these, be sure to check out the other Weekly Winner-ers (totally a word) hanging out at chez Lotus.

..Of Men, Boys, and Other Novelties of Nature

More Roses

I forgot my kid’s valentines.

To be fair, though, I didn’t receive his class list until Wednesday evening, for a party on Friday. A list that I had already determined wasn’t needed since it took so long in the coming. And, well, once I’ve convinced myself of something*, pretty much …

You Can Thank Me Later…

The Husband

I didn’t really have anything to blog about today. So it was either post a picture or a meme… I thought that you’d like the picture better.

Because I sure as hell did.…

Troubled Waters… Ya, ya, ya.

I’ve been an absentee sort of blogger over this past week, haven’t I? It’s just that I’ve been a little “blah” lately… And a little “ugh” lately… And a little “bogged down” lately…

But, mostly, I’ve been a little “Oh my god, I’m totally on my period, and that man …

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