Chaos was what killed the dinosaurs, darling…

And since I’ve already had the pleasure of dealing with one dead animal this week, it’s probably best to not make any sudden movements and inadvertently fall out of routine…

So here are some more pictures of my spawn (backpack is totally the new pink, by the way).

And I’ll try to pencil in some chaos and murder in next week’s line-up, m’kay?

First Day 'O Preschool

The First Day of Pre-K... You know, that day before the second one where he came home with a shiner?

You're Kinda Freakin' me Out Here...

Look, woman, I'm on a pretty tight schedule here... I understand you're all emotional and stuff 'cause I'm in school now, but these morning photo shoots are seriously starting to cut into my color time. So hurry up and take the picture already and go blow your nose.



You totally know the drill.

(If not, that little orange sentence that you just read is actually a link. You’re supposed to click on those. No, really, you are.)

August 31, 2008
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