If you’re going to start something. . .

You might as well finish it.

I’ve got to be honest…

I’m totally lovin’ Jodi’s new Finish It! actions.

With the touch of a button, I can bling, brand, and re-size my photos for my blog/facebook/whicheversiteticklesmyfancythatday.  Alright… maybe not just a touch of a button… There are so many options that I find myself touching several buttons in order to play with all of them.

We’re talking frames, rounded corners, ovals, circles, squares, bar to the left, bar to the right, on the top, on bottom, on both… Catching my drift here, people? With logo placement and web-resizing thrown in, there are endless possibilities here. (There are some really great examples on the MCP blog.)

Like I said…

Totally lovin’ it.

With 35 different finishing touches for Photoshop CS2+ (70 for you Elements users, yay!) and 8 re-sizing options (16 for PSE, woo hoo!), the Finish It action set is guaranteed to keep my brand fresh, fun, and, most importantly, memorable.

And since Finish It is available at MCP for the low price of $49.99, it can do the same for yours.

Let me know how you like them!

February 11, 2010
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