Give a Kid a Computer…

This is Little Man.

He’s ten.

He’s also on my laptop.

And he’s NOT playing games or Googling how to make slime.

Imagine that.

This is the Vans Custom Shoe Designer.

Where Little Man is actually designing his own pair of of custom Vans, from the color of the shoelaces and eyelets all the way down to that little pin striping around the bottom (there’s a technical term for that, I swear.). He simply logged on to their website, chose a style of shoe (there are three available), and with a few clicks, was picking out colors and patterns like it was nobody’s business.

He spent nearly an hour playing around with all of the awesome combinations available on their amazingly simple system before creating a custom pair of shoes that any boy worth his Playstation (be he ten or thirty) would be stoked to stick his feet in.*

I spent nearly an hour explaining to the toddler that his feet weren’t quite big enough for a custom pair just yet:

*Per the request of the kid, the actual style and colors of his new shoes are to be kept under wraps until they’re actually on his feet. He also told me to tell you that it’s going to be 5-6 weeks before they get here, so if you want your kid to be as cool as him for the start of the school year, you best get to ordering now.

Now where’s another one of those magic affiliate banners when you need one…?

Oh, yeah:

Vans,a Division of VF Outdoor, Inc.

June 18, 2009
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