I like shiny things. Especially shoes… and jewelry… and books… and music… and gift cards… and… Yeah, you totally get the point, don’t you? Occasionally, I like things so much that I feel an absolute need to share them with you. Thus, “Reviewful” was born. Below, you’ll find product reviews, recommendations, and the occasional “I should have bought coffee instead” posts. (Point of Interest: I don’t generally receive monetary compensation for the posts below… Should someone actually want to pay me for a particular bit, however, I’ll be sure to note it.)

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There’s A Party in My Tummie (So Yummie, So Yummie)

tank-illustration-white-largeJust before Christmas, I was asked to take a look at YummieTummie.com and try out something from their extensive line of body shapers.

.. And with the numerous holiday parties and get-togethers and whatnots ahead (not to mention the extra “puffiness” still lingering from the Thanksgiving festivities, yuck), I …

Sensa Giveaway Winner!!

Sorry… I’m drawing a complete blank on a creative title for this post.

So this’ll have to do.

There were 112 comments left for the Sensa Giveaway. Using the nifty random integer generator over at Random.org to help me choose an appropriately random number between 2 -112 (’cause the …

check me out…

Check out my latest post over at Blissfully Domestic’s Photo Bliss Channel: Clown Cars & Camera Bags. It’s a review in which I talk about my bewbs… And you totally don’t want to miss that.…

Tastes Are Smells Too!: Win The Sensa Weight Loss System *CLOSED*

Let me get this straight… I can eat the same foods that I’ve been eating and still lose weight? Even the double-layer chocolate cake and the crawfish etoufee and the pasta? Because, dude, I’m so not good at passing up the pasta.

According to Sensa, I can. (Eat the same …

Howdy Ho, Ranger Joe!

Due to lack of time (I mean, seriously, there are only 24 hours in a day, people.), I will no longer be updating MommyMatter.com and will be reviewing products here at TOT hence forth.

This review section will be called “Reviewful”… Because I’m clever like that.

Okay, that’s it.

You …

…Or At Least Give You a Really Decent Hand Job

Nicole Locher is my hero.

Don’t know who Nicole Locher is? Well, by all means, let me introduce you to her… Well, not her, exactly, but her clothing line:

Pretty little shirt, eh? Delicate and feminine with the added beauty of vintage-style embroidery.

It also says “will fuck for

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