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3/365: If Everybody Jumped Off A Bridge...

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4/365: The Bathroom Wall

4 of 365

5/365: The Rearview Mirror

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6/365: Comfort

6 of 365

Interesting* things to happen to me since the last time we spoke:

  1. I cleaned out the vacuum cleaner. Like really cleaned it out… Used a screwdriver and everything.
  2. I painted my toenails purple. I hate purple. (It’s a really confusing time in my life right now.)
  3. I celebrated the fact that it’s the perfect season for gumbo by eating enough to swim in.
  4. I put together a Halloween costume for the baby that will either make her a very cute witch or an Olsen twin. I’m pulling for witch… but I’m skeptical.
  5. I carelessly mixed daydreaming and driving and somehow managed to  pass up the turn to my sister’s house not once but twice in one afternoon. Each by like six miles.
  6. I burnt my hand. Stubbed my toe. Twisted my ankle. Poked myself in the eye. And shut my hair in the car door. I am the epitome of grace and agility.
  7. I won an iPod. All is right with the world.
  8. I realized that an Indiana Jones hat makes you hot. No matter how old you are.
  9. I cried. Cleaning up the mess left behind by your daughter’s paint session with your $40 bottle of foundation will do that to you.
  10. I made this list. And am totally counting it as a blog post.

That is all.

October 28, 2008
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