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Designed by Satan, Styled with Love

The first time I ever visited Peter’s parents, I was totally thrown off by the various post-it notes stuck on random surfaces throughout their house. The one on the door said simply, “Be sure to close me.” The one in the broom closet said, “Do not lean mop heads on …

You Know…Just like Jesus!!!!

The Scene:

Fade in.

Judith stands in front of a purse display in a large department store. She clutches a fabulous little leather bag in her hands as she debates the importance of eating this month versus the importance of having this purse on her arm. Food is quickly losing.

Don’t Worry… I’m Sure There’s Some Sort of “Low” Setting.

“Dude, that gun shop has tasers. Like pink tasers. I so want a pink taser. Are you gonna buy me one?”


“I mean, really, don’t you think I need a taser? It’ll, like, keep me safe and stuff…”

“Well, if you start working at night or something then, yeah, …

And then there were six.

Interesting* things to happen to me since the last time we spoke:

  1. I cleaned out the vacuum cleaner. Like really cleaned it out… Used a screwdriver and everything.
  2. I painted my toenails purple. I hate purple. (It’s a really confusing time in my life right now.)
  3. I celebrated the fact

When I Am Grown, I Shall Wear Eclectic…

Once upon a time, there was this gal named Judith…

This gal, who had only been married but a few years and had given birth to but one child and was therefore much “saner” than say…a gal who has given birth to three children?, worked as a personal assistant to …

…In a Woman, It’s Boldness. (Day One)

I’ve decided to try my hand at the 365 challenge that everyone seems to enjoy so very much. This means that you get 365 quasi-guaranteed quasi-pictures of quasi-me.

Now aren’t you just the luckiest bunch of lucky people in the whole bloggity world?

No… don’t answer that.

I’ve got a …

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