…In a Woman, It’s Boldness. (Day One)

Banger Sister

Day One of 365

I’ve decided to try my hand at the 365 challenge that everyone seems to enjoy so very much. This means that you get 365 quasi-guaranteed quasi-pictures of quasi-me.

Now aren’t you just the luckiest bunch of lucky people in the whole bloggity world?

No… don’t answer that.

I’ve got a fairly decent little beer-buzz courtesy of Mr. Killian that I’d hate to ruin with a bout of squashed self-esteem. So just smile and nod, okay?

Smile and Nod.

(Yes, I realize that I can’t actually see you smiling and nodding, but is it really that difficult for  you to just humour a gal for a few minutes while she pretends that you actually really really want to see 365 pictures of her? No… don’t answer that either. Moving on now.)

Today’s picture is brought to you by my very favoritist part of Alabama:

Free Haircuts.

And before you all start accusing me of shamelessly flaunting my goodies to someone other than the guy at the nearest Starbucks, I should probably let you know that my sister (the pregnant, hormonal, and all around “I will stab these scissors in your eye if you point out one more time the difference in the size of my ass today than yesterday” one) is a beautician.

Which means that she has already seen my goodies.

More times than she’d like, most likely.

And, today, I got bangs for the first time in like twenty years… Which makes them totally retro.

Which, in turn, gives me a good excuse to wear leg warmers again, right?  Yeah… ummmmm… You’re smiling and nodding again, aren’t you?

That’s what I thought.


October 23, 2008
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