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17/365: There's a Blog Behind This Image

17/365: There's a Blog Post Behind This Image

The Scene:

Fade in.

Judith stands in front of a purse display in a large department store. She clutches a fabulous little leather bag in her hands as she debates the importance of eating this month versus the importance of having this purse on her arm. Food is quickly losing.

Judith is momentarily distracted by the arrival of a small posse of giggling girls. She takes in the perky breasts, ugly shoes, and happy chit-chat about a “hawt guy” and how girl 1 (or maybe it was girl 2?) “doesn’t usually do that kind of thing but made an exception this one time” and guesses their ages to be in the vicinity of 19 – 22 years old.

Posse of girls passes Judith by and stops near the table of the Loop’s Andy Warhol-inspired totes. Since the act will allow her a few more precious moments of groping the purse that she CANNOT afford, Judith shamelessly eavesdrops on the conversation nearby:

girl 1: Oooooh… Look at these!!

girl 2: Those are cute. Look at the soup can one…

girl 3: Those really are cute!!! I wonder if I need one…

girl 1: [reading the label and tag] Andy Warhol? Who’s Andy Warhol?

girl 3: Oh you know… He’s that author. He wrote those books… [pauses as she searches *unsuccessfully* through her head for a title] You know! You’d recognize them if you saw them. They’re really popular.

girl 1: Oh yeah! That Andy Warhol. Okay! I think that I’ve read a couple of his books.

girl 2: [nodding her head enthusiastically] Me too, they’re really good.

girl 1 and 3 add their equally enthusiastically nodding heads to the mix.

girl 1: Ummmm, you guys?  Is that woman over there laughing at us?

Posse turns to look at Judith.

Judith: [pausing to catch her breath] Ummmm… Yeah. Yes, she is.

Fade out.

Judith’s Uplifting Reminders for Feeling Better About the Fact That You’re Flat Broke and Can’t Afford That Purse That Would Look Absolutely Smashing on Your Arm #1:

At least you’re not stupid.

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November 10, 2008
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