Domestic Goddess is sort of a misnomer in my case. I mean, I am most definitely a Goddess and do, on occasion, have the tendency to be a tad domestic (I obsessively clean and can bake a caramel pumpkin cheesecake that’ll have you offering to have my sextuplets)… but I still can’t iron worth a shit, love foods that come pre-made, and would rather do long division on the back of a cocktail napkin than get anywhere near a scrapbook. So the posts below are those that pertain to my domestic life and my craftiness– mostly the “like a fox” kind, not the Martha Stewart kind.

Not what you need?

… But Does It Dream In Red? (The Many Synonyms of Vomiting)


So it’s been two days since I’ve cleaned up a pile of puke… Two whole days! I’m actually rather excited about that, kind of feels like Christmas in an odd sort of disgusting way. Of course, as my luck would have it, I’ve probably totally just jinxed myself in a …

Beats Scrubbing the Toothpaste Trails Out of the Bathroom Sink…

I Will Call You Betty…

Three and a Half Burps: A Special Report by Infamous Food Critic Baby O’ Baby

“…you are a liar and a cad, and I spit on your tears.” A Post with Footnotes.

A Bright Beginning… If I Do Say So Myself

And I Ate Most of It Myself… (Weekly Winners)

I am an All-Powerful Amazon Warrior…

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